What we do?

Recruitment and selection



Why is it worth to cooperate with an employment agency?

- You reduce and transfer the expenses related to recruitment process
- You reduce bureaucracy in your company
- You adapt an employment structure to the real needs of your company
- You reduce and minimize the risks connected to high employee turnover

Where are we working?

We lets our clients focus on priority tasks of the company by employing temporary workers and reducing expenses related to recruitment process. We guarantee the most experienced, highly skilled and well trained personnel as well as the highest quality of service. We pride ourselves in having built great contact with many Agencies throughout the Europe (Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Norway). We have already recruited more than 10000 qualified applicants, providing services to the Oil & Gas industry and to its derivatives as well as to the construction industry.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!

As we specialise in recruitment for specific Oil & Gas industries and for the construction industry on the international market, we appreciate the needs of our clients and we look forward to offering them the most qualified personnel. We only recommend qualified and well trained professionals with lots of international experience. This guarantees the success in completing projects. In our database, we have the best professionals in areas such as:

- thermal insulation fitters ( heat insulation, cold insulation, acoustic insulation and fire insulation )
- tucting fitters
- autobody repairers, workshop workers
- scaffolding fitters ( all systems of scaffolding )
- welders
- painters of steel structures and constructions

We thing that distinguishes us from other companies is our flexibility and our recruitment methods in specific business sectors of which we have much experience. We are well organized and we offer the highest quality of service.



We are a leader in the industry

We do not promise, we act! Our activities are driving you better results.



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